Where is Nangkita?

This is a question that we hear all the time.  Our usual reply is "Over the hill from Yundi", which is followed by the inevitable reply, "I still haven't heard of that", so we continue with "next to Tooperang". Still none the wiser, we finally come clean with "10km East of Mt Compass".

In wine region terms, we are in the Southern Fleurieu Wine Region, and almost exactly in the middle between Langhorne Creek and McLaren Vale.  Our climate is slightly cooler than both of these places, which in the wine making world means our wines have more "elegance".

The other major difference between Langhorne Creek/McLaren vale and us is water.  Both of the afore mentioned areas have some serious water issues, or rather lack of it, despite schemes such as piping water from Wellington/Jervois to Langhorne Creek.  If you think you can grow grapes profitably on mains water on the prices being paid to grape growers in 2010, forget about it.

Our bore water at Nangkita is 180 parts per million, which is better than most municipal water sources and the bore produces about 7000 gallons (31,500 litres) per hour.  The water table is also only 5 to 6 meters below the surface.

All in all, we belive we have the perfet spot to produce premium quality Shiraz and Riesling.  Yes, there are hundreds of other varieties out there that people are constantly experimenting with, but at the end of the day, does it get any better than Australian Shiraz and Australian Riesling?
Tasting Note

Download the current tasting note for Nangkita Ridge Shiraz

Download Tasting Note: 09_shiraz_tasting_note.pdf (289kb)
The James Family

Nangkita Ridge Wines is owned by the James family.  Andy & Lynne, along with daughters Rhiannon and Shannelle bought the vineyard in 2008 after having owned a vineyard at Littlehampton since 1993.  We are all hands on in the vineyard and winemaking process.  We grow the grapes, pick them, crush and ferment them as well as consume the finished product!

As a family owned and run wine label we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our neighbour Peter Belej (of Vincognita and Madeleines fame) for his invaluable help, advice and mentoring.  We would probably never have taken this bold and uncertain step without his constant assurances.

We have a very strong belief in the fact that we are not "made in China".  We have not done a deal with any liquor chain, indeed that we are in fact Australian owned and manufactured - something that is becoming all too rare these days.

So if you have an interest in wine, are also interested in buying Australian wine, then we hope you are prepared to give us a chance.  We are not the big bold gutsy reds that blow your head off, and we are certainly not the J.C. commercial end of the market.  Hylton keeps talking about the "elegance" that Nangkita Valley wines have so we will put some tasting notes together once the wine is bottled.
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Nangkita Ridge single vineyard Shiraz & Riesling
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